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Hey there! I'm Erens-Basement. I'm a big fan of Studio Trigger and Yoh Yoshinari. If you were curious, my favorite characters in BNA are Jackie and Nazuna and my favorite episode is Greedy Bears (God I love Imaishi).

I'm probably an active bureaucrat and admin on this wiki and have pretty much touched all the pages, and currently oversee Character, Episode, Organization, Location, and Terminology pages. I know a little code and built the current homepage.

I'm not perfect, so if you have any questions or issues with the aforementioned pages, especially those relating to the anime episodes, please don't hesitate to let me know on my talk page. I would also appreciate the efforts of anybody who is willing to proofread or fill in blanks in the data.

I'm also an active moderator on the affiliated subreddit (r/BrandNewAnimal) and the Discord under the same username. Feel free to say hi to me there as well!

To-Do List Edit

These are the tasks currently in process. Please get in touch if you have suggestions or want to help out!

  • Categorize all images as of April 9
  • Expand more information regarding the anime, production, and staff:
    • Expanding the main anime page
      • Adding more production information
      • Add references and external links
      • OST
    • Merch page
    • Creating staff pages
      • Yoh Yoshinari, Genice Chan, Screenwriter, Mabauna
  • Templates:
    • Fix character infobox template and remove unnecessary attributes
    • Create Character, Location, Terminology, and Organization templates
  • Build functional homepage
  • Write episode plots for 1-6
  • Create missing Character, Location, Terminology pages
  • Navigation box/template:
    • Fix episode navigation template
    • Create character navigation
  • Fill article stubs for all organizations
  • Fill article stubs for all characters
  • Work on adding references

Pages Created Edit

Pages Revamped Edit

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