The Family is a criminal mafia operated by Giuliano Flip. They appear to be central to the underworld of BNA: Brand New Animal.

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The Family is the major crime syndicate in Anima City. They operate and have an influence on several aspects of Anima City life, such as baseball gambling. The Family has control over Gram Grandma and her Rabbit Town gang. They also appear to have ties to the Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals. Their mannerisms, presentation, and behavior are very similar to the mafia in the real world.

Members wear a silver dolphin pin on their lapel. Typical attire for mafia members include tuxedos, suits, and trench coats. The dolphin symbol was also found on a lighter from someone in The Slums.[1]

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Brand New Animal Edit

Giuliano Flip and Masaru Kusakabe pressure Gram Grandma to traffick the children to pay off the debt.[2]

Later, Kusakabe and a few other mafia members are aiding Medical Center staff to destroy evidence before being thwarted by Michiru and Shirou.[3]

At a boat dock, Giuliano Flip tortures and interrogates Kusakabe for the situation the other day. Kusakabe is later killed when Shirou intervenes. Upon hearing that Nina Flip escaped to the mainland, Flip assembles a group of mafia members to wage war against the humans. Shirou stops him before it's too late.[4]


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