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The Silver Wolf Order (銀狼教団 Ginrō Kyōdan) is a religious cult centered around the worship of Ginrou. One of the leaders of the religion appears to be Boris Cliff. Death Rube is a guru in the cult. They make their debut in the episode "Fox Waltz". The Silver Wolf Order tends to say "Be the best beastman you can be".

History Edit

This cult used to be a private religious organization, until half a year ago it expanded exponentially and gained more power after Boris Cliff joined in.

The Silver Wolf Order makes its first appearance in Fox Waltz, when Jackie is about to burned out by other beastmen, since they consider beastmen harming other beastmen is low, even for humans.

The cult makes another appearance in Easy Albatross, when they make their move to the Medical Center after Mayor Barbara Rose declines their request to stay in the city. Nazuna then uses her powers to save Alan Sylvasta in front of the crowd, and Boris claims that the grace of Ginrou befalls on both Humans and Beastmans, as well as telling Alan to recognize the cheers as the representation of the voice of citizens.

Known members Edit

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