Shipping Port is a freight transport facility in Anima City. There seem to be strong ties to crime in the facility. The Family appears to conduct their business operations here.

Description Edit

The facility is modern and industrial, equipped with cargo transport cranes to move cargo boxes on and off ships. The port also holds a lot of inventory at a given time with many rows of cargo containers stacked to the side. Ships are regularly seen stationed at the port.

History Edit

Brand New Animal Edit

Michiru and the Rabbit Town Children are packed into a shipping container and about to be loaded onto a cargo ship before Michiru frees them all. Shirou Ogami stops the attempted trafficking and Gram Grandma, Elsa, and the rest of the gang are arrested by the Anima City Police.[1]

Dante the Bears baseball coach has seen water tortured at the shipping facility after failing to fix a baseball game.[2]


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