Reiwa High School (黎和高等学校, ryō wa kōtō gakkō) is a high school that Michiru Kagemori and Nazuna Hiwatashi attended before they were beastmen.

Description Edit

Michiru and Nazuna were both 2nd-year students before their disappearance. Michiru participated in the high school's basketball team.

Student ID Card Edit


  • School ID No. 2n54
  • This certifies that the person mentioned below is a student at our school.
  • Year 2 Class 1
  • Name: Kagemori Michiru
  • Birthdate: Heisei Era Year 15 Month 5 Day 13 born (2003/5/13)
  • Species type: Human
  • Issue date: Reiwa Era Year 2 Month 4 Day 1 (2020/4/1)
  • School institution Reiwa Gakuen: Reiwa High School


  • You must carry this student ID wherever you go. This card verifies your status as a student (Reiwa High School).
  • Please show your school ID to the staff when you buy a season pass (transportation) for a student, or get a student discount.
  • This card can't be leased or transferred to others.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the institution comes from the era the show takes place in, Reiwa.
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