Rabbit Town is a satellite municipality of Anima City and located in the Beastman Special Zone and in the world of BNA: Brand New Animal.

Description Edit

Rabbit Town is a defunct area in Anima City where many of the businesses are dilapidated. There seems to be an active club scene and possibly a red light district too. The municipality is the base of operations for Gram Grandma. The city is controlled by Gram Grandma's crime syndicate and in association by The Family as well. According to Marie, all lost possessions end up in Rabbit Town.[1]

History Edit

Brand New Animal Edit

Not much is known about its history or what led to its current condition. It has somewhat the appearance of a ghetto with run down signs and where gang members live. Marie says all lost possessions end up in Rabbit Town and Michiru pays a visit. Masaru Kusakabe and Giuliano Flip also visit at the same time and convince Gram Grandma to traffic the children. Shirou Ogami arrives in Rabbit Town as well to investigate the matter.

List of Locations Edit

  • Gram Grandma's Headquarters
  • Crow Beer Pub
  • Penguins Bar
  • Bunny's Night Club
  • Peck Wolves
  • Cat (4F)
  • Hedgehog Bar: Imported Beer & Original Food
  • Thai Food and Bar (3F)
  • Beauty/Plastic Surgery Clinic (성형--)

Trivia Edit

  • Crow Beer is a reference to Corona Beer and Hedgehog is a reference to Heineken.


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