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All the official items sold for BNA: Brand New Animal.

OST deluxe album releasing June 24th, 2020.[1] The album comes with goodies like a poncho and a pouch.[citation needed]

A3 Character Fine Framed Print (Poster A/B)[]

  • Release date: Late April 2020 (delivered <1 month of order)
  • Price: 20,370 yen (tax included)
  • Specifications: Size: Height approx. 554 x width approx. 432 x depth approx. 16 mm * Picture size: length approx. 470 x Horizontal 318 mm
  • Link to Poster A and Link to Poster B

Official Starter Guidebook (Artbook)[]

Main article: Official Starter Guidebook

  • Content: character sheets, concept art, and interviews with Yo Yoshinari and Kazuki Nakajima
  • Release date: Early April 2020
  • Delivery price: 2,000 yen (tax included)
  • Specifications: B5 size, 44P, all colors
  • Publisher: Toho


The Official Starter Guidebook contains character sheets of Michiru Kagemori, Shirou Ogami, Marie Itami, Nazuna Hiwatashi, Gem Horner, Melissa Horner, Barbara Rose, Yuji Tachiki, Alan Sylvasta, Kuro, as well as smaller sheets of Monkey Thief, an old goat Beastman, a flamingo Beastman (possibly a concept design for one of The Pink Flamingos,) and a female Beastman wearing an apron. The character sheet section is followed by two interviews (with some screencaps from the anime,) and concept art of both the show itself, and the specific locations within it.



BNA Artbook Flip-through

Flip through of the art-book.

BNA - Zero: Beasts That Can't Become Even Better[]

  • Release date: April 23, 2020
  • Price: Body price 690 yen + tax
  • Specifications: Format A6
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Remarks: Anime spin-off novel

Bunbougu Cafe[]

Full Text: Studio Trigger/Bunbougu Cafe Collaboration

The Bunbougu Stationary Cafe in Tokyo, Japan offered various merchandise both in person and online during a collaboration with Studio Trigger, as well as providing prints and other hand-outs for patrons of the restaurant.

Other Merchandise[]