Melissa Horner (メリッサ・ホーナー, Merissa Hōnā) is a main character in the BNA: Brand New Animal series. She is the wife of Gem Horner and the couple run the Beastman Co-op. She is a wombat Beastman.

Appearance Edit

In her human form, she has tan skin, shoulder-length, auburn, permed hair, and black pupils. She wears a cerulean cardigan, white blouse, a long gray skirt, white socks, and gray slip-on shoes. She carries a gray notebook around.

In her wombat form, she gets a round black nose, pointy ears, and brown fur. Her hair and clothing remain the same.

Personality Edit

Melissa is a kind, sweet, and caring lady. She tries her best to help Michiru in any capacity, but can be aloof at times.

History Edit

Melissa and Gem welcome Michiru into their home in Episode 2. She scolds Gem for being inconsiderate of Michiru and properly introduces themselves to her. In Episode 5, Michiru asks her if there are any basketball leagues in the city so she mistakenly takes her to a baseball game. In Episode 6, it is revealed she is a devout follower of Ginrou, and even has a shrine of him in the home. She gives a Ginrou safety charm to both Michiru and Shirou before they head out for the day.

Gallery Edit

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