The Medical Center is a joint hospital and research facility located in Anima City and owned by Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals. Hiromu Yaba is the chief of the facility.

Description Edit

The Medical Center is located in a trident-shaped tower in the heart of Anima City. The top of the tower spreads out into 4 prongs, each equipped with a helicopter landing pad.

The Medical Center works in close conjunction with Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals. The building consists of a state-of-the-art hospital and research laboratory. Shirou has described the inter-workings as being very highly advanced and classified to the point that most beastmen are barred from entering. Thus, traffic in and out of the building is carefully monitored by security.

History Edit

The Medical Center was at the center of a terrorist plot in Episode 3. The staff were caught embezzling funds with the Flip Gang by the Sylvasta executives and attempted to destroy evidence through the bombings. Chief Yaba and Mimura were eventually apprehended.


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