Human (人間, ningen) is a species that reside alongside beastmen in the world of BNA: Brand New Animal.

History Edit

Following the emergence of beastmen who revealed to hide among them and tried to maintain their place in the world, many humans didn't take the revelation well and developed a prejudice against them either out of fear or bias. In fact, such prejudice was not only the root of controversy over the decision of Anima City's foundation, but also severe enough to cause public unrest as well as potentially spark greater conflict. Yet, there are still some humans who wished to avoid pointless bloodshed and developed sympathy towards beastmen, notably those who involved in Anima City's foundation. Unknown to either sides, the whole prejudice was part of a conspiracy orchestrated by bigoted purebred beastmen to weed out half-breeds among themselves and subjugate entire world.

The examples of Michiru Kagemori and Nazuna Hiwatashi have proven that artificial means such as blood transfers that contain blood with the Beast Factor from beastmen to humans can change humans into beastmen. Unlike ordinary beastmen however, they displayed never before seen advanced shapeshifting abilities in addition of supernatural abilities unique to themselves that potentially match even transcendent beastmen.

After Shirou, Michiru, and Natsuna's joint effort to stop Alan Sylvasta's notorious plan to destroy every beastmen in Anima City as the first step to re-establish his fellow purebred beastmen's domination over humanity, Barbara Rose decided to slowly allow humans to be accepted into her people's safe haven so as mankind can better understand beastmen and thus quell the chance for both species to engage all-out war as initially feared.

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