The Beastman Co-op (獣人生活協同組合, shishijin seikatsukyōdōkumiai) is a social work cooperative located in Anima City. It is also the home of Gem Horner and Melissa Horner.

Description Edit

The building is located on a corner of an intersection in Anima City. There are multiple stories, and has an accessible balcony on the rooftop.

Shirou Ogami, Kuro, and Michiru Kagemori all live at the residence.

And once the Silver wolf Order move in there has been placed statue of Nazuna Hiwatashi depicting her as the silver wolf with wings right next to the building in a ;light pink undertone of color with white.

History Edit

The Horner couple welcome Michiru with open arms and allows her to live at the residence. Mayor Barbara Rose has visited the home on two occasions to discuss investigation work with Shirou.


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