The Anima Baseball League is a baseball league set in the world of BNA: Brand New Animal. The Killer Animals are the champions of the most recent season.

Description Edit

The Anima Baseball League is a league that takes place in Anima City. Teams of Beastmen compete to become the season champions. They play in their Beastmen form and resort to violence and cheating to win matches. There is also a high amount of gambling involved with spectators and the mafia fix matches behind the scenes.

The championship game was held at the Anima Stadium with the Bears and Killer Animals. The Killer Animals lead but the Bears catch up in the 8th inning. The Killer Animals pull through with a 1 point difference and win the league.

Teams Edit

Pink Flamingo Edit


Pink Flamingos walking onto the field at the start of the match.

The Pink Flamingos are a team of flamingos in the baseball league. They are sassy and love to taunt their opponents. They also use throwing knives to incapacitate the Bear's pitcher.

Buffalos Edit


Bears sizing up the Buffalos at the beginning of the match.

The Buffalos are a powerhouse team of oxen and bison. They are strong but extremely slow.

Tigers Edit


Tigers batting while Arai Rascal is pitching.

The Tigers are another powerhouse team and consist of tigers. They compete against the Bears in the semifinals.

Bears Edit


Bears before the game against the Tigers.

The Bears are a ragtag group of baseball players from the Slums of Anima City. Their team consists of a tanuki, a panda bear, spectacled bear, brown bears, a grizzly bear, polar bear, and a moon bear.

The team was on a long losing streak before Michiru joins as an emergency pitcher. She propels the team to the finals where they lose to the Killer Animals.

Killer Animals Edit


Killer Animals during the championship game.

The Killer Animals are the champions of the current season. Their members include a rat, mole, boar, and dog Beastmen. They are famous for resorting to extreme violence to win matches and were the favorites to win the championship match. They almost lose but win by one point.

Killer Animals roster

  1. Mad (マッド)
  2. Welvina (ウェルビナ)
  3. Kiyohara (喜代原) - 1st Baseman
  4.  ? - Center Fielder
  5. Maekawa (前河) - 2nd Baseman
  6. Cesar (セサール) - 3rd Baseman
  7. Okawa (尾川) - Right Fielder
  8. Matsuoka (末岡) - Catcher
  9. Mejia (メヒア) - Pitcher


  • Super bat - wooden bat embedded with spikes that explodes on impact sending shrapnel at the opponents
  • Rotating spike bat - high speed rotating metal bat with spikes
  • Ball and chain

League statistics Edit

Game Bracket Odds W:L:D Result Final Score
Pink Flamingos vs. Bears Qualifiers 1.25:100.85:95.5 Bears win 0/2/0/1/0/0/0/0/0

vs. 0/0/0/0/0/1/?/?/?

Buffalos vs. Bears Qualifiers N/A Bears win 7 vs. 8
Bears vs. Tigers Semifinals N/A Bears win 5 vs. 4
Killer Animals vs. Bears Finals N/A Bears lose 6/2/1/3/2/4/0/0/3 (21) vs. 0/0/0/0/0/0/2/16/2 (20)

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